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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Kepada yang berkenaan, ini email dari Bank Islam.  Ekekeke... lambat betul dia masuk.  Itu sebab akak suruh bagi akaun Bank Islam.  Baru la cepat....


Dear ....,
Kindly be informed that ..... has made a transfer amount of RM..... to your account at MAYBANK BERHAD on 07/11/2013 08:18:32 via
Details of Transferred: ........... Nov 2013
Beneficiary Account Credited
Day(s) Cut-off Time
Fund Credited *
Monday to Friday
Before 12.30 noon
Same Day (after 6pm)
After 12.30 noon
Next Working Day (after 6pm)
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Not Applicable
Next Working Day (after 6pm)

* Fund Credited subject to beneficiary bank batch processing exercise
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

This is auto-generated message. Please do not reply this mail. 

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